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GISDI - Who are we?
GISDI - Who are we? 18.03.2018


NGO, „Civil Initiative for Free and Democratic Elections
      GISDI is the oldest Bulgarian NGO in the field of election observation. It was established in 1990. GISDI is an abbreviation which means "Civil Initiative for Free and Democratic Elections".
​      Since 1990 GISDI co-ordinates and organizes the deployment of observation missions in Bulgaria. GISDI has observed the first democratic elections in Bulgaria (June 1990) following international standards in election observation. GISDI also conducted Exit poll and Quick count for the first time in Bulgaria as instruments of democratization of electoral process and achievement of genuine election results.
      Up to now GISDI has more than 20 successful domestic election observation missions in national (presidential and parliamentary) and a lot in local elections. GISDI has participated in some international election observation missions. It has been observing elections in Azerbaijan since 2003.
     GISDI is fully compliant with the OSCE-ODIHR and other international obligation and standards for free and democratic elections, as well as national legislation. GISDI stands for democratic and fair, free and genuine elections. As a civil organization it works for the benefit of the people in the country holding the elections as well as for the benefit of international community.
     GISDI has developed a methodology for election observation, based on the international experience and guidelines in election observation on one hand and on the other – on sociological research methodology. The results of GISDI election observation methodology clearly shows that it provides an in-depth insight into all elements of election process and permits to make concrete recommendations for further improvement and democratization of electoral process.
     Alongside with election observation GISDI has developed a methodology for education and training of election observers – STO, LTO, as well as Core team analysts.

     GISDI has a proven expertise in:
  • Polling station observation – opening, voting, closing, counting and tabulation;
  • Observation and analyses of completeness and accuracy of voter list and voter’s registration;
  • Media monitoring (traditional and social media) in election process;
  • Exit Poll and Quick Count;
  • Improvement of electoral legislation as well as its practical implementation;
  • Methodology and instruments for election observation;
  • Voter’s education and training of observers.

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