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Report Form

GISDI Report Form for Polling Station Observation on E-day

        GISDI is planning a field observation at polling stations on e-day. 80 short term observers will be deployed according to our deployment plan.

​        Short term observers will observe the voting process in polling stations in pairs of two. According to the deployment plan each pair has to observe 4 - 6 PECs and the voting process in the 4 - 6 polling stations. The information will be registered in GISDI Report Form For Polling Station Observation. The form is attached to this report. The polling sections will be observed in five time zones throughout the e-day:
  • Opening of PS at 8.00 a.m. and an hour latter;
  • Voting before 1.00 p.m.
  • Voting after 2.00 p.m.
  • Closing at 7.00 p.m.
  • Counting and completion of the PS protocol after 8.00 p.m.

Focuses of Observation

  • If the necessary election materials are present? (PS seals for protocols and boxes; polling booth/s; ballot papers; voter lists – general, special and additional; ballot boxes; protocol with PS results and others and other protocol; PEC Record book and other materials);
  • Is there camera in the PS?
  • Are there officials and authorized people? (How many are PS members? How many are women? How many are present?)
  • Which of the candidates have proxies of the in the PS? (How many candidate proxies and domestic nonpartisans observers are present at the PS?)
  • Were any unauthorized persons present in the PS? From which institutions?
  • Transparency of the voting process and work of PEC in PS (clear view, any restrictions)
  • Circumstances outside the PS (campaign activities, tension or unrest, crowd waiting)
  • Arrangements inside the PS (Convenient to conduct polling; Ballot boxes; Secrecy of the vote)
  • Situation inside the PS (overcrowding, campaign activity and materials, tension, intimidation of voters)
  • Number of voters registered on general voter list and on special and additional voter lists
  • Turnout in the hour of observation
  • Votig procedures
  • Closing of the PS (waiting voters, PS members and authorized people at the closing, unauthorized people at the closing)
  • Steps before the ballot boxes are opened and opening them
  • Counting of votes by candidates, invalid votes
  • Transparency in the process of counting and Completion of the PS protocol
  • Overall evaluation of the voting and counting in the PS in 5 degree – very good, good, average, bad, very bad
        The array of the gathered empirical information will be analyzed both qualitative and quantitative  and then used in the overall assessment of the effectiveness of the electoral procedures, the level of their democratization as well as in giving recommendations for further improvement of the legal framework and regulation of election process, for assurance of  unauthorized interference in election process, enhancing transparency of PEC, ConEC and CEC, retaining the secrecy of vote.

GISDI Report Form for Polling Station Observation on E-day

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